Join us on Wednesday, May 15th, from 6-8 pm at the Connect+Collect gallery to view the new exhibition City of Artists II featuring Schroeder Cherry,  Se Jong Cho, and Oletha DeVane.

City of Artists II  is the continuation of a series of exhibitions that serve as a visual extension to BmoreArt’s first full-length book City of Artists. A publication that features 220 pages of personal reflections from leading writers alongside portfolios from some of the city’s most celebrated visual artists.

This second iteration brings together the captivating works of Schroeder Cherry, Oletha DeVane, and Se Jong Cho, each offering a unique perspective on the artistic landscape of Baltimore. From Cherry’s vivid portrayals of everyday scenes of African diaspora life, to DeVane’s worldly explorations of spirituality and mythology, and Cho’s innovative blend of art and science, these artists push the boundaries of creativity, inviting viewers to engage with their distinct visual narratives.

:: Wednesday, May 15th :: 6-8 pm Opening Reception: City of Artists II
Connect+Collect Gallery (2519 N. Charles Street)

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