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Crip Algebra

Alx Velozo, Saar Shemesh, RA Walden

Current Space

421 N Howard St

Opening Sat April 29th 6-9 pm

Crip Algebra is a group show of three queer disabled artists exploring the calculations it requires to cultivate access in an ableist world. alx velozo (Baltimore, MD), RA Walden (Berlin, GE), and Saar Shemesh (Richmond, VA) have been part of a queer crip carework system with one another for years. This show explores the acrobatic math of surviving and caring as disabled people using rubber, fire, and film.

Access information:

Space: The courtyard and first floor, including restrooms, are all ground level without any steps or curbs. Masks are required.

Bathroom- details to come! ADA wheelchair accessible bathroom should hopefully be up and working for the opening.

Signage: all works are visually described and a print out is available to support low vision/ blind folks

Parking: Pay-for street parking available directly out front, If filled: Franklin St, Park Ave, or Howard St. There is also a pay lot on corner of Franklin St and Park Ave (behind Current space). If you park in this lot directly behind the back gate, be sure to pay – they tow aggressively.

Back Gate/Garden Bar Entrance: 421 Tyson St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Light Rail: Centre Street

Metro: Lexington Market

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