Current Space is proud to present “(dirty~clean)Cleaners” an installation by Laure Drogoul. Please join us for the opening reception and living window performances with Laure Drogoul, Joe Meduza, Neil Feather, Jake Bee and other invited guest artists. The exhibition can be viewed from outdoors, through our window boxes along Howard Street.

Opening Reception: October 17th, 6-9pm
Living Window Performances: Oct.17, 7:30pm

Exhibition Duration: October 17th – November 14th

Social Distancing Guidelines:
– Mask required: covering mouth AND nose.
– Maintain 6ft from others, sidewalk will be marked.
– Interior will be closed.
– Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe!

Current Space presents (dirty~clean)Cleaners by Laure Drogoul
Ironically, one of the least clean way of cleaning, is called dry cleaning. With a mixture of carcinogenic chemicals and an abundance of plastic bags, dry cleaning is the ultimate un-clean. Like the living dead, dry-cleaning generates a dead zone in the natural world, lingering long past its time. (dirty~clean)Cleaners takes the form of an otherworldly dry-cleaning shop that reflects upon the many cleaners that dot our urban landscape.
Laure Drogoul’s exhibition at Current Space is the culmination of a 2 year project to research the after-life of human made materials related to domesticity. The installation becomes a collection repository and distribution center to deliver LPDE #4 plastic to an organization that actually recycles the material. The clear plastic bags used in the dry-cleaning industry are not included in the recent plastic bans in any State. Though very recyclable, these bags have been thrown in landfills, shipped to Asia or burned for many years. None of this is re-use or in fact recycling, burning plastic can be toxic, with incinerators often located in disenfranchised neighborhoods. Since 2018 China has banned import of this type of plastic and now the US has a glut of #4 plastic with very few facilities to properly recycle the material. At the close of this exhibition the artist will deliver the collected plastic to businesses that re-use the material. The installation will become a collecting location to raise environmental awareness relating to domestic life, routine and the natural world……and to offer an alternative to dumping the plastic bags in landfills, where they will rest for almost an eternity.

(dirty~clean)Cleaners performances presented as Living Windows:
On multiple evenings, (dirty~clean)Cleaners will be activated with performances viewed safely through Current Space’s Gallery windows. During the performance, otherworldly Sisyphean cleaning clerks endlessly fold, weigh and bale the plastic for eventual transport. The unclean representatives lead the audience in an almost hopeless cleaning tour of the (dirty~clean)Cleaners installation, in which they are invited to consider the never-ending life of plastic.

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