This day-long series of workshops will be led by three practitioners that are artists, healers, and facilitators.   The morning will bein at 11am with Ama Chandra making the space sacred followed by a tea apothecary conversation. The visitors are welcome to sit on the floor or alternative chair seating to participate in the conversation where Ama responds to the title of the exhibition, I don’t dream of labor. The show title is the same namesake as the James Baldwin quote used to demystify the American dream. Ama will talk about ways to cultivate your own medicine in life to provide space, boundaries, play, and rest to liberate ourselves from the pressures of hustle culture. Ama will weave connections to the word dream and discuss the correspondence to dream incantations.

The group moves on to Ama’s sound bath where she ties in the themes from the apothecary conversation into her process and allows all viewers to get comfortable in the gallery as they see fit and participate in her sound bath healing of sound bowls, musical instruments, and song. Following the sound bath, all visitors will be brought back into the space with the time and space to share and reflect on their experiences.

To liven up the group and offer a new sense of vitality, Michelle Dubreuil Macek will facilitate a group Biodanza class which is a Chilean form of dance that is otherwise referred to as the poetics of human encounter. The dance will be both as a group and as an individual, allowing each person the space to exercise consent, self-regulation, establishing rhythms with new partners, and playing together without the pressure of having to say anything!

Please come out and enjoy a robust day of workshop programming where together we will invigorate ourselves and each other in a collective exchange to support our holistic well-being.

RSVP is highly encouraged so we can better facilitate the experience for all involved. You are not required to participate with anything you feel uncomfortable with and are welcome to come and go as you please throughout the event.

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