The vocation of the tarot reader ranges from esoteric to carnivalesque, from spiritual to deceptive. Two sides of the craft. The cards reveal cycles of consciousness, the will of instinct and fate. It is difficult to know the true current. Fears, anxieties, collisions and mistakes are scarcely avoidable.

Transforming traditional portraiture into theatrical and dramatic spaces, the paintings reveal a complex of ideas of an archetypal nature, representing a sum of energy which appears in projection. Hidden desires come into awareness: the strength of the lion and attachments of the devil.

By using the same model for all the portraits, masks, postures, and adornments alter and transform. Experimentation in painting technique adds more intuitive elements, tightens and loosens, and varies backgrounds and foregrounds. Depths come to surface.

Flowery and comforting sweetness of tree branches entrap conflicting moments. Sculptural arrangements of desiccated flowers in egg-shaped wreaths suspend cyclic time, representing the birth of ideas, fertility, as well as the glory, victory and rebalancing of completion.

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