From the artist’s statement: “This work was made during the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine… to respond to the chaos and loss which permeated those days.
…as much as it is uplifting to think of art as cathartic and enjoyable, these pieces may be seen as painful reminders of all we went through, and all we continue to endure.”

From the gallery: The 18-month suspension of events at Project1628 left a chilly absence, pathetically filled in by Instagram and doom scrolling. Lyle’s work got hearted a lot by me and plenty of others, and we are truly honored to show it.

Please join us on Sunday September 26. Masks and vaccination required. Sign-in to attest vaccination status. Unvaccinated children under age 12 are welcome with masks.

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Add to Calendar 20211025 America/New_York 1628 Bolton Street Baltimore MD 21217 Lyle KISSACK: “Fire in the Maze”