MAWU or The end is the beginning is the end

We would not be where we are without protest, agitation, and struggle.

Lucy Parsons was part of a group of people that fought to ensure that workers had rights. Together, they worked to ensure that there is an 8 hour long work day.

In honor of this black woman, I am offering an 8 hour long performance inside.

Black lives matter, black herstory matters, black love matters, black health matters and black joy matters.

At the top of each hour, please join me in a collective movement session. Where we will attempt to channel the strength of our ancestors and move together with the aim of channeling some hope, justice, peace, and joy.

With the recognition of the fact that there are limitations to the ways that we can connect in these square boxes, know that you can come and go as you please.

this performance was not made for your passive consumption

this performance was made to be a ritual, a seance, to gather the strength of our ancestors who have died at the hands of the state sanctioned violence that many people still experience to this day.

The Installation at VisArts

Began with a pondering of the history of Rockville as it relates to blackness.

I made this installation in the midst of a passive genocide that is Covid19.

I made this installation in the wake of the continuance constant death at the hands state sanctioned actors.

Understanding the cyclical ways that struggles for justice peace and equality happen, I made this installation.

I will be performing for 8 hours long as this is a ritual. In this ritual, I am invoking the celebratory nature of Juneteenth as this was the end of the visceral experience of the institution that is slavery. But then the 13th amendment was made. So the work is about trying to understand the poetics of space.

Ada Pinkston

VisArts Center in Rockville MD

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