Dr. Victoria Benning knows it’s unethical to discuss the therapy sessions of her clients, but the drama of their unpredictable lives tests her professional role like never before.

First, she counsels Mrs. Melody, a brutally honest, gorgeous rap artist who relies on sexual leverage with men to elevate her music career. Then there’s Charles Clay, a hot young film director and master manipulator with a fetish for opportunistic women. Tyrell Hodge is a frustrated screenwriter, part-time driver, and full-time complainer who desperately needs a break. Dark & Moody is a music producer who prays for a blood sacrifice in order to succeed. Joseph Drake, a venture capitalist from a powerful, slave-ownership family, now suffers from a spell of White guilt.

And Destiny Flowers is a hopeless dreamer who struggles to keep her mouth and mind at peace—while harassing the tolerant doctor she hopes will ultimately help her.

Working around the clock, Dr. Benning observes a troubling, treacherous common denominator that plagues all six clients: a desperate impulse to grasp control of everything and everyone in their lives—no matter the cost. It’s a struggle with which she’s all too familiar. Determined to head-off tragedy, she comes up with a brilliant game plan to make their collective talents work in everyone’s favor. . .

But just as she moves into action, inexplicable events quickly turn fatal, as the doctor finds her plan, her career, and her personal life all spiraling into madness—and hopelessly out of control.

Omar Tyree will be joined in conversation by talk show host Marsha Reeves-Jews.

About the Author: 

Omar Tyree is a New York Times bestselling author, a 2001 NAACP Image Award recipient for Outstanding Literature in Fiction, and a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award Winner for Body of Work in Urban Fiction. He has been cited in 2009 by the City Council of Philadelphia for his work in urban literacy, and his books have sold two million copies worldwide. A graduate of Howard University’s School of Communications in 1991, Tyree has been recognized as one of the most renowned contemporary writers in America. He is also credited with spawning the genre of urban contemporary fiction with his celebrated novel, Flyy Girl, first published in 1993.

About the Moderator: 

Marsha Reeves-Jews is the publisher, editorial director and host of WKIM Media Network, a live streaming talk show that airs on Linked-In, Facebook, and on STEMCITYUSA.com’s newsroom and YouTube channel. She has more than eight years of experience as a talk show host with two National Public Radio affiliates, including “Keep It Moving” with Marsha Jews on WEAA 88.9FM at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, and “The MarshaJews Show” on WHCR 90.3FM at City College in Harlem, New York.

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