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These days I am strongly influenced by the value of love on our planet. I want more love and less violence. I understand that life isn’t easy, and love has the strength to be with us through it all. I search for a deeper understanding of the human condition. So I paint a lot of hearts.

Some practices that influence my art are yoga, meditation, and spirituality. I also have a degree in mathematics and am drawn to quantum physics and quantum consciousness.  I combine science and spirituality and explore this in my paintings.  What is out there which is beyond our ability to define with science and words?

My journey as an artist has been exciting.  I attended and was involved in the Taos School of Fine Arts, the New York Feminist Art Institute, the Art Students League, SUNY Purchase, and more.  I was in the first Women’s Art Show in Taos, NM and the first Women’s Art Show at UMass, Amherst. I participated in shows in NYC and Nyack, NY.  I later served as Executive Director of the Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center. I love working with artists.

For the past 17 years, I have lived and worked in southwest Baltimore.

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