Black Artist Research Space, in collaboration with Full Circle Fine Art Services, is pleased to announce Picturing Baltimore: A Community Perspective. The exhibition showcases photographs captured by the inaugural cohort of the community photo project, and celebrates Baltimore’s rich diversity. It is a testament to the power of community, and a vivid reflection of the city’s multifaceted identity through the lens of its residents.

The exhibition presents a kaleidoscope of visual narratives that traverses Baltimore’s heart and soul. It is a culmination of the stories, experiences, and unique perspectives captured by Baltimore residents using disposable cameras. Through this project, participants have explored their passions, documented their lives, and discovered the beauty in everyday life while breaking down the barriers that often limit artistic expression.

Organized by Rhea Beckett (co-founder Black Artist Research Space) and lens-based artist Rebecca Marimutu, “Picturing Baltimore” is a movement that seeks to diversify the photographic canon and amplify the voices of individuals in our community. Launched on June 18, 2023, with support from NomuNomu, “Picturing Baltimore” provided free disposable cameras to participants, aiming to empower them to capture what matters most to them, breaking down the barriers of traditional photography and fostering a more inclusive and equitable artistic space.


Daniel Adegbesan
Raina Allmond
Gen Fraser
MacKenzie Foy
Ben Kantt
Brian Menifee
Eduard A. Van Osterom
Shaquan Pearson
iya symone
Claudia Watts

Participant Benefits: Participants received a free disposable camera, free development, and scanning of their photographs with the generous support of Full Circle Fine Arts Services, access to photographic workshops and community photo walks, two printed photographs (8.5×11 or larger), and the opportunity to have their artwork displayed in an exhibition.

Programs: Past programs have included the Picturing Baltimore Photo Booth where photographers Faith Couch and Darrius Fox offered personalized headshots and group portraits. Interested individuals could sign up in advance or join us as walk-ins on the day of the event. Participants received complimentary digital copies of their portraits, ensuring easy access and sharing. In line with our commitment to inclusivity, printed copies of portraits were available upon request and stationed at NomüNomü for pickup.

This past fall, we embarked on an exciting journey with photographer Darrius Fox to introduce a series of Community Photo Walks. This soft launch was met with enthusiasm and positive engagement, creating memorable experiences and fostering a sense of connection among participants. Darrius led participants through visually captivating locations, offering insights into photography techniques and storytelling. Participants had the opportunity to explore their surroundings through a unique lens, capturing the essence of the community and creating a collective visual narrative.

Key Highlights from the Fall Soft Launch

Skill Development: Attendees honed their photography skills, from framing and composition to the art of storytelling through images.

Looking Ahead to Warmer Months: As we eagerly anticipate warmer weather, we look forward to resuming the Community Photo Walks. Building on the success of our fall soft launch, these walks will provide even more opportunities for community members to come together to explore their surroundings.

For more information about “Picturing Baltimore” and how to get involved, please email us at [email protected]. We seek collaborations and sponsorships from individuals, businesses, and organizations who share our vision of fostering community through art to support this project. By helping to offset scanning and developing costs, our partners can play a crucial role in making “Picturing Baltimore” a resounding success.

Picturing Baltimore: A Community Perspective is on view at Full Circle Fine Art Services from November 21, 2023, through December 12, 2023. A reception will occur on Thursday, December 7, from 5 pm to 7 pm. Hours for Full Circle Fine Art Services, which is free and open to the public, are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm.

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