**This show is virtual, online, and with live performances.**

Engineers have failed to close the warp drive connection due to a massive leak of ĒlemėnT Żerø. A temporal loop has been activated and Star Jockey missions have been restarted for one more weekend.

Perfect time to join for your first mission, or earn your stripes as an Ensign, Lieutenant, or Commander!

Shattered Space (Extension)
Friday, July 3th & Saturday, 4th
7pm – 8:15pm EST
8:30pm – 9:45pm EST

-Showtimes are Eastern Standard Time (EST / EDT)
-You can only purchase one ticket at a time. Each device/user requires a unique email address to generate an access link for the show. Groups are assigned randomly among six ships.
-This show is virtual, and accessible online from anywhere in the world!
-Ticket sales end 5 minutes before each show time.
-A household can share one ticket, as long as you are all present on the screen together. Access links are unique to each email address user and cannot be accessed on two devices at the same time.
-You can bundle your friends & fam on one ship to experience the show together! There is a minimum of five (5) tickets to request this feature. Please email us at [email protected] after your purchase to book your group together.


Shattered Space is a devised, three-dimensional, interactive show set in The Matra System. Audience members take the role of “Star Jockeys,” deployed to assist inhabitants of the planets affected by
T h e S h a t t e r, which has caused the binary suns “The Mothers” of the star system to disappear.

Using the Janus platform, Lead Engineer & Designer Chris has programmed an online platform that you can interact with performers & crewmates using audio & video. Your screen has a fully functioning user interface, and each person on your custom 3D space craft decides where to go in the solar system. Suffice it to say – no two experiences will ever be alike!

It’s part video game, part theater, part choose your own adventure, and part mystery.


Missions will be approx. 75 mins long, available @ 7pm EST and 8:30pm EST each show date. There will be 30 pilots maximum per mission.

After choosing your mission date & time you will receive an email with your unique username to access the show.

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