Oftentimes the simplest of gestures can have the biggest impact. How do you mark your days and give each one meaning? How do you slow down and think of others? How do you dwell in the basic joys of your daily life? Maybe it’s about starting your day with a cup—or two or three—of coffee or tea, and always reaching for that one mug that’s just… yours. Before your mind shuts down after long days, do you open a journal to jot down your thoughts and document your memories? When gifting, do you consider the presentation of that gift as part of the act of giving?

These are just a few of the quiet acts, the often overlooked aspects of our day that in the end bring us the greatest amount of satisfaction. Join bookbinder and journal-maker Megan Winn, wrapping artist Megumi Inouye, and The Clay Studio Curator and Director of Artistic Programs Jennifer Zwilling, who also collects mugs, for a conversation about the daily rituals that delight us and how adding a bit of craft to our everyday routines can elevate simple pleasures and create meaningful moments.

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