Catalyst Contemporary presents, “The Foundations of What,” a group exhibition that pushes and questions the boundaries of contemporary sculpture while addressing deep-seated concerns about the truths that underlie our visual perceptions, our cultural principles, and relationships to one another. Artists include Jose Arellano, Alberto Cavalieri, Kei Ito, Gard Jones, Giulia Livi, Caryn Martin, Sebastian Martorana, James von Minor, and Geoff Robertson.

The title, “The Foundations of What,” draws direct attention to each artists’ questioning and even subversion of accepted principles and underlying assumptions about our world. They address diverse cornerstones of reality from uniquely personal perspectives. The “what” referenced in the title is essentially a new place – a geography of experience, dismantled, redrawn, and removed through many lenses.

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Add to Calendar 20230126 America/New_York 523 North Charles Street Baltimore MD 21201 The Foundations of What