There Comes a time when an Artist releases something that defines their career:
Michael Jackson “Thriller“, Brandy “Full Moon“, Whitney Houston “The Bodyguard”, Beyonce “Lemonade“, Kanye West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy“.
Well, on Juneteenth (June 19), that moment arrives for Brandon Kanion with the launch of Season One of his Theatrical Trilogy Album “The Grand Kanion“. Below are answers to some golden questions you may have:
Q. What is a Theatrical Album?
A. Coined by Brandon Kanion, a theatrical album essentially is what you would hear if you went to a musical and closed your eyes.
Q. What does Season One mean?
A. Well, it’s a 3 part album. It’s literally just Part One, or the first album. It’s called seasons because the albums are set up into episodes  like Netflix shows, or Hulu shows. It was created for you to stream song by song, or episode by episode. It’s storytelling at its finest.
Q. What is a Launch Party?
A. For Brandon, and this Theatrical Project, this is the launch of the first 2 episodes/songs from the album. It’s a soft Release Party.
Q. When will the entire project be available?
A. September 5, Brandon’s birthday.
Q. How much does it cost to attend?
A. General Admission is $25. Visit to purchase tickets. Do so quickly because this Will sell out, and you will miss a major shift in the world.
Q. Who all gonna be there?
A. Keith Angelo, Freedom Imani, The Xcaliburs, and other Artists will be performing. The Grand Kanion himself, Brandon will be taking center stage for a performance you won’t forget!
Q. Will there be food?
YES! Food will be for sale. The bar will be open with themed drinks centered around the night! Get there when it starts at 7pm. From 7-8 It’s the Golden Hour, and there will be drink specials.
Q. Is there a dress code?
A. Yes! It’s JUNETEENTH, so you can wear ALL RED, ALL GREEN, or ALL GOLD! To represent the Pan African Flag (With a Golden Flare). Brandon is a Fashion Guru, so come dressed to the 9’s. You Need Inspiration? Here you go!
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