Unlock the fascinating world of herbalism!

Instead of a conventional CSA where you simply pick up your farm share of raw goodies to prepare on your own at home our CSA doubles as a medicine making instructional class where you don’t have to take home raw fresh or dried herbs & watch them go to waste as you wonder what to do with them. Traditionally, herbal medicine making was always done collectively as a community; from caring for seeds, to growth, harvest & preparation. This is an opportunity to learn about the wild gifts which we can cultivate in abundance right here in Baltimore City.

Lead by clinical herbalist Alyssa Dennis this urban agricultural herbal CSA was created to foster & reclaim a deep connection with our surrounding ecosystem while building avenues toward optimal health & vitality.

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What’s included in each session:

· An herb of the month

· All supplies to make one product each month (bottle, tins, etc.)

· Instruction & lesson on the therapeutic uses of the herb

· Growing, harvesting & drying tips

· Tips on usage & recommended dosage

· Bonuses include:

o 5 Element Cycle Seasonal wellness tips

o Plant walks in the garden

o Seasonally inspired recipes & herb combinations

o 10% off of any of our herbal education products in our shop.

3 Membership options 

· March 23rd-June 15th (4 sessions)

· July 20th – Oct 19th (4 sessions)

· March 23rd – Oct 19th (all 8 sessions)

Gathering Dates – are all the 3rd Sat. of the month unless otherwise noted

· Sat. March 23rd , 2pm -4:30pm (4th Sat of the month)

· Sat. April 20th, 2pm -4:30pm

· Sat. May 18th , 2pm -4:30pm

· Sat. June 15th , 2pm – 4:30pm

· Sat. July 20th , 2pm – 4:30pm

· Sat. Aug. 17th , 2pm – 4:30pm

· Sat. Sept 21st , 2pm – 4:30pm

· Sat. Oct 19th , 2pm – 4:30pm

Location: at the Eclipta Herbal sanctuary in the Hamilton neighborhood or Baltimore City (address sent after sign up)

What will I get out of this?

  • Much like a traditional vegetable farmer CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) our herbal CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to the operations of the Eclipta Herbal sanctuary so that the community feels connected to this land through the sharing abundance of herbal cultivation & medicine making.
  • Learning practical knowledge of medicine making such as tinctures, salves, lotion, infused oil, wine or vinegar

· Learning herbal plant identification & walks around the garden

· Learn how to build your immune system & ward off common seasonal health challenges

· Learn what to look for when sourcing herbal medicine making supplies

· A seasonal approach to medicine making

· Guidance on how to integrate herbal wisdom into your daily life.

· To create trust, transparency & healthcare autonomy.

· An opportunity to build relationships with those in your community (including the plants!)

· An opportunity to build toward different ways of knowing through the activation of your dynamic sensory system as a way of cultivating you own innate intuition.

Who is this for?

· For those interested in building their herbal relationships. For beginners & experienced folks alike.

· For those interested in building their own home herbal apothecary

· For those who want to learn the ins & out’s of herbal medicine making

· For those who want to re-connect themselves with the unending gifts of the land

· For anyone who has or is experiencing eco grief who also knows that a reconnection with the land is their remedy

· For those who want to get to know plant medicine allies which they can grow in the MD climate

For any type of nature minded enthusiast

For those that know their bodies & the Earth body are one in the same

For those who would like to experience the connections between their body & the earth body.

For those who feel they have been disconnected from the sacred feminine

For those who want to take a deeper dive into self-care & body awareness

·For those who would like to develop more tools of ecological awareness

Why should I do this?

· To feel you have agency in the care you provide for your body

· To be able to stand in your own power

· Because it’s revolutionary to take care of yourself.

· Because it’s revolutionary to get your hands dirty & get to know the rhythms & cycles of the Earth

· Because rooted in traditional wisdom there is a wellspring of knowledge for the contemporary mind, body & soul

· Because learning how to integrate herbs into your daily life will teach you how to live your best life.

· Re-wild yourself through herbalism

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