Joachim Pissarro, Bershad professor of art history and director of the Hunter College Galleries, Hunter College, CUNY/City University of New York.

This talk will provide a unique look into Joachim Pissarro’s personal journey in discovering the work and personality of his great-grandfather Camille Pissarro. Joachim Pissarro will help us explore Camille Pissarro’s complex phenomenal imagination, an unusually rich, innovative visual mind, a vast curiosity about techniques of all sorts, an open mind towards his colleagues, and a strongly defined set of intellectual positions.

Joachim Pissarro is currently the Bershad Professor of Art History and Director of the Hunter College Galleries, Hunter College, CUNY/City University of New York. He was a Curator at MoMA’s Department of Painting and Sculpture.  His teaching and writing presently focus on the challenges facing art history due to the unprecedented proliferation of art works, images, and visual data. He co-authored a book on this topic with David Carrier, entitled Wild Art. In the same vein, he also taught a seminar on Michael Jackson: The Contemporary Representation of a Cultural Icon. He curated the show “Klein & Giacometti: In search of the Absolute in the Era of Relativity” at Gagosian Gallery London in summer 2016. His latest book is titled Wild Art (Phaidon) and his forthcoming book (Penn State University) is co-authorized with David Carrier. He has had two major exhibitions in Paris in 2017, Pissarro à Eragny at the Musée du Luxembourg along with his catalogue essay L’Eragny de Pissarro (co-authored with Alma Egger) and Olga Picasso at the Musée Picasso, Paris along with his catalogue essay Il n’ya pas eu d’époque néo-classique chez Picasso—seulement une époque Olga. Other recent writings include the book Individualism and Inter-Subjectivity in Modernism: Two Case Studies of Artistic Interchanges – Camille Pissarro and Paul Cézanne; Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns and the essay Joseph Beuys: Set Between One and All.

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