Andrea Huppert

Most often, my inspiration is culled from the natural environment observed on my daily hikes and other travels.

My mixed media works often incorporate visually metaphoric imagery such as twigs, nests and birds, paired with abstract patterns and forms that allude to opposing forces and constant change.I begin my process by making numerous drawings and color sketches from my memories.From these I choose compositions and mutable materials that express the emotional impact of tension and harmony and echo the tentative nature of our landscapes, within and without.

Marianne Calenda

“Nature shows us the way within and without.”
During pandemic limitations on travel and social contact could have easily overwhelmed; however, I found comfort and creative direction from daily hikes, country drives and a new commitment to plein air painting.  As I began to explore the diversity of the local Conewago Creek watershed and connecting woodlands and preserved farmlands, I was captivated by the lively textures and layers of its seasonal displays, the unique personalities of trees and brambles and how man-made structures punctuate the space.  I’m convinced of the restorative power of nature and humbled by the opportunity to convey a shared experience with the viewer.  My work has been described as transporting, peaceful and poetic.
I work primarily with aqueous media usually combined with soft pastel and charcoal. While I enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of painting en plein air, I sometimes prefer to get lost in the studio thinking about a composition or experimenting with new techniques to further enhance the illusion of the landscape.

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