Yeah No: A NOT Symposium on Arts and Regional Perspectives: Created as a collaboration between BULK Space, Mdw, and Independent Curators International, this gathering is a dynamic fusion of regional perspectives and global insights. “Yeah No” is a two-day activation designed to investigate different regions around the US and how people engage with art, culture, and their relationships to labor. “Yeah, No” is honored to partner with Bromo Arts District, a Baltimore staple, to elevate the meaning of place and celebrate Baltimore-based brilliance. This NOT symposium invites you to delve into the stories shaping the cultural tapestries of various regions throughout the US—places where creativity, dedication, and behind-the-scenes work converge to form compelling narratives.

April 19th

Yeah No Open Studios w/ : MICA Grad Students

Yeah No is proud to partner with MICA grad students from Community Arts, LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting, Mount Royal School of Art (Multidisciplinary MFA), Photography + Media & Society and Rinehart School of Sculpture to open their studios.

April 20th

Yeah No: Let’s Meet @ Eubie Blake!

Guests are invited to Eubie Blake National Jazz and Cultural Center to participate in a series of conversations around what it means to work as curators, administrators, and organizers. These conversations will be inspired by the idea of regionality and the ways in which this work can happen depending on access to tools and resources. This will be an opportunity to be in community and conversation with industry professionals and aspiring curators.

Gallery Tour:

This is Not Your Grave

The exhibition reveals individual and collective traumas and the cyclical essence of ongoing healing processes, using the natural world as a touchstone of regeneration.

Yeah No Walking BAD: Exploring Bromo Arts District

Bromo Arts District is filled with public art, artist studios, and galleries! You’re invited to hit the pavement and explore suggested stops as you make your way from Eubie Blake Cultural Center to the world famous Lexington Market.

Yeah No Workshop: Floral Crown Marking w/ Marcellus Armstrong

Yeah No is pleased to present Baltimore raised artist Marcellus Armstrong to lead a two-hour workshop inviting guests to create crowns made of various flowers and foliage. This workshop will be the final public event designed to close out the last day of the NOT symposium and to really just act as a moment for folks to gather and share space together in a meaningful way. Participants will also be invited to write letters to their past, present, or future selves giving advice on how to perform invisible labor as it relates to curating, organizing in the arts, and administration.

Day 1


MICA GRad Studies Open Studio and Yeah No Opening Reception

Fred Lazarus IV Center, 131 W North Ave

Day 2


Curatorial Practicum 25 Practicum Exhibition Tour This is Not Your Grave followed by a series of discussions around the intersections of Art, Regional Perspectives, and Invisible Labor

Eubie Blake Cultural Center


Walking BAD: Exploring Bromo Arts District


Floral Crown Making w/ Marcellus Armstrong at Lexington Market with Flowers provided by Fleurs d’ Ave


Yeah No Closing Reception + Opening Reception Having A Body @ Current Space

421 N Howard St

Yeah No Partners

BULK Space is an arts organization dedicated to uplifting the works of marginalized creatives in taking up physical and digital space. We understand firsthand the needs of marginalized artists and are committed to building platforms for success via community conversation, public programs, and our Art + Tech Media Lab in which we identify and develop resources for all of our participants.

Independent Curators International (ICI) supports curators to help create stronger art communities through experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement. Our collaborative programs connect curators, artists, and audiences from across social, political, and cultural borders. They form an international framework for sharing knowledge and resources—promoting cultural exchange, access to art, and public awareness for the curator’s role.

MdW (pronounced “Midway”) is an evolving regional coalition of artist-run projects, platforms, and spaces spanning across the Midwest. Since its founding in 2010 and its reboot by seven organizing partners in 2021, MdW has grown into a three-part initiative that takes shape as “Convenings” which connect and strengthen the cultural landscape, the “Atlas” which serves as an alternative publishing platform, and “Drifts” which travel to and document regional hubs of creative energy. Community-driven in its approach. Artist-centered in its approach, MdW is a growing ecosystem of hyperlocal art scenes from across the Midwest working together to build lasting coalitions of purposeful, artist-led action.

Bromo Arts District aims to promote and support the arts by providing a space for artists, galleries, and cultural institutions to thrive. It encompasses a diverse range of artistic endeavors, including visual arts, performing arts, and various cultural events. The district is known for its efforts to revitalize and transform the area through the arts, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of downtown Baltimore.

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