March, 2023

Post-Consumption Benediction: Limited Edition Artist Book

By BmoreArt


This artist book is a companion to Post-Consumption Benediction, a two-person exhibit featuring Adam Stab and Jordan Tierney at BmoreArt’s Connect + Collect Gallery, from December 2022 – March 2023.


Our first publication of its kind, with a unique hand-embellished cover by the artists, is a true work of art. Each copy is numbered and signed as part of a limited-edition series special for collectors and those specializing in unique artist books.

Sold out

• Designed by Raquel Castedo with studio visit photo essays by Jill Fannon and exhibition documentation by Vivian Doering.

• Edition is 60, with just 10 currently available for acquisition.
• Each has been hand-embellished and signed by both Adam and Jordan, so every single book is unique.

• Wooden cover fabricated at Open Works with 48-page interior printed by Indigo Ink.

• Pre-order now to guarantee acquisition. Books will be available in March 2023.
• Shipping with a protective box is $10, but books can be picked up at the gallery .