E Cadoux

E Cadoux


E Cadoux is a chef, performance artist, facilitator, and organizer. They are a staff collective member of FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, and a co-founder of the performance art group Call Your Mom.

Stories by E Cadoux

Krystal Mack wants to stop using food as a means of escape. The artist prompts audiences to imagine food as a tool to be present with yourself, your city, and ...

Artifacts from the Faidley’s Seafood’s 133-year history at Lexington Market cover the walls and counters that make up the fresh fish ice boards, the cooked food corner, and the raw bar at the center of the room.

Baltimore-based Mera Kitchen Collective is figuring out how to push for equity through their worker-owned cooperative of immigrant and refugee women.

“If I want a smoky flavor I will literally burn something.” Dylan Ubaldo, originator of Calasag Pop-Up, grins mischievously in a red apron. The Filipinx culinary artist, who uses they ...