Stories by Rudy Malcom
New Mural Project Slated to be One of the Longest Artworks in Baltimore

Hamidi's 500-foot mural will stretch along both walls of the Maryland Avenue bridge between Lanvale and Oliver Streets midtown. 

New Works Contemplate Baltimore's Black Butterfly, Global Fusion, and Coming Out (As an Artist)

Pothik Chatterjee’s global upbringing—Kolkata, India, Dubai, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and Jakarta—is abundantly clear in his abstract art on display in a solo show at Highlandtown Gallery.

Recovering the Past and Envisioning the Future in West Baltimore Through Photography

In fall 2021, the Black Arts District launched the Historical Photography Project (HPP), an online library of photos and oral histories, seeking to ensure that the cultural memory of the Avenue isn’t forgotten or erased.

Founder and Owner, Craig Reinauer Welcomes Exploration and Joy

To the naked eye, the Castle is a watering hole for stickers, stamps, and watercolors (for the Lumieres and Cogsworths of arts and crafts). But, beneath the surface, it’s so much more.