Carlos Tarrats: New Photographs at Gallery Imperato

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Carlos Tarrats: New Photographs

12.12.08 – 1.24.09
Opening Reception December 12, 7-10pm

Gallery Imperato is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by photographer Carlos Tarrats. In his new body of work, Tarrats moves away from the landscape and focuses more on the idea of portrait. Life, death, and hope are no longer themes. The work is much darker and the mindset behind it has changed completely. Subjects are just there, not alive and not dead. Acceptance has replaced the idea of hope.

Commonly mistaken as digitally manipulated imagery, Tarrats is in actuality constructing elaborate sets with a variety of props and materials. With a medium format camera, he photographs his sets through sheets of plexiglass. Washes of color and scratches in the plexiglass mask the subjects, adding a layer of mystery to the work.

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