Ten Pieces of Art I Would’ve Bought at MAP’s Out Of Order by Cara Ober

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It is true: MAP’s annual hang-it-yourself fundraiser is a mixed bag at best. The cavernous space was chock-filled this year, literally, from floor to ceiling, with artwork from artists of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Work varied from traditional figure drawings, to prints, abstract paintings, and mixed media sculptures, with a predilection for bloody eyeballs, goth pinup girls, and anything Natty Boh (see pics below – yes that is someone bidding on the ‘Boh Scream’ ).

This year’s OOO brought in almost 100 more artists than last year, close to 400 in all, proving that this inclusive, introductory annual show is highly valued by the local community, and even more than in the past. The party was packed and buzzing with excited artists and patrons, and it seemed that more bidding was going on than in past years, possibly due to strategically low prices, with one giant photo priced at $1. (I think it was bid up to 40 bucks.)



Boh Boobs above and Davie Bowie below


While this type of show is heavy on novice artist cliches, there were hidden gems in the mix if you choose to sift through it all, and the prices (sorry, commercial galleries – I know this hurts you) cannot be beat. There are a LOT of terrific art bargains here, and, had my 13-year old cat not needed copious veterinary interventions last week, I probably would have bought something. Or, multiple things.

Below are my TOP TEN wish purchases, in no particular order. That is, these are the works of art from this year’s OOO that I would have bought, had I had the funding.


1. Dawn Gavin’s mixed media piece in yellow and brown with collaged map fragments


2. Joyce Yu-Jean Lee’s Vanitas Still Life Photo


3. Rachel Bone’s Blue Patterned Kitty Print (above shark circle)

IMG_32844. Jeffrey Kent’s Sculpture made with books and African figurines/ bookends


5. Marian April Glebes’ ephemeral drawing – hers was priced quite affordably, but someone else got to it first!


6. Mina Cheon’s Addressing Dolls Print


7. A Large, Digital Print of Chimpanzees eating a human leg, Chimp Attack by MICA student Alex Curtis.

(The man behind me commented that he’d like to hang it in his kid’s room!)


8. Tony Shore’s ‘Release the Hounds!’ print (yes – I made up that title) with fancy, marbleized matting


9. Ian MacLean Davis’s linear color abstraction (at bottom center)


10. A collaged digital print by Jared Ragland, a DC-based artist. Sassy and political in soft, sepia tones.

Additional Party Pics below…










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