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Gem Specification includes jewelry by artists Nikki Couppee and Shelly McMahon. Both artists share an investigation into gemstones and settings. Historically, costume jewelry has taken on the role of recreating fine gemstones in non precious materials. Both Coupee and McMahon speak to the futility of replicating fine jewelry inexpensively by creating their own gemstones out plastic, leather, and balsa wood.

Shelly McMahon uses research about the neuropsychological effects that faceted gemstone in fine jewelry have on our attention in order to devise algorithms for the creation of ornament. Her work investigates what causes the brain to block out the majority of incoming visual stimulus in favor of a singular one.

Nikki Couppee explores the different functions jewelry performs in society. Her work questions value by making adornment that is reminiscent of royal jewelry but made out of everyday materials such as plexiglass, brass, wood and polymer clay. She creates jewelry that is extravagant in color and size. Her designs are playful and beautiful.

In addition, the sixth annual group exhibit Earrings Galore, featuring the earring in all its glory is up.  The earrings in this show come in every size, shape, material, and concept. The exhibition highlights earrings made by over 40 artists from the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Argentina, and the Netherlands.

Gem Specification: Nikki Couppee and Shelly McMahon & Earrings Galore
Heidi Lowe Gallery
July 12- August 8

P1 McMahon, Shelly gem brooch
Shelly McMahon
EE12 Couppee, Nikki blue & pink large dangle earrings
Nikki Couppee


modeling the art !


Wearable art
E6 McMahon, Shelly orange & gray earrings
Shelly McMahon
E8 Couppee, Nikki green gems with cluster of stones on top
Nikki Couppee
E8 McMahon, Shelly silver teardrop earrings
Shelly McMahon
N1 McMahon, Shelly white necklace
Shelly McMahon
Nikki Couppee
Nikki Couppee
Nikki Couppee
Nikki Couppee
Nikki Couppee








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