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This Week: We are featuring online events that you can participate in from the comfort of your own couch plus a few calls for entry to get involved locally and nationally. Stay home, stay healthy, stay engaged in the arts.

BmoreArt’s Picks presents the best weekly art openings, events, and performances happening in Baltimore and surrounding areas. For a more comprehensive perspective, check the BmoreArt Calendar page, which includes ongoing exhibits and performances, and is updated on a daily basis.

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Bruno Métura: Confinement
Ongoing through March 19
@ New Door Creative

New Door Creative proudly presents Confinement by interdisciplinary artist Bruno Métura. The series is a collection of works on paper created during the early months of the international COVID-19 pandemic and is the artist’s debut United States exhibition. Confinement is available for viewing by appointment at New Door Creative from February 12th through March 19th, 2021.

Born in France of Caribbean parents, Métura resided in Germany and France before returning to the West Indies where his desire to live in his original culture was affirmed. He has exhibited widely in France and throughout the Caribbean for three decades. Métura creates as an automatic painter, permitting lead from the subconscious. The eighteen works included in Confinement are seductive engagements of shadow, color, and form, informing the viewer of the artist’s refined sense of placement and space.

In the words of the artist: “The creation in the act of painting is a journey into the incursion of thought; it visits the sensitive being in the manner of a hymn which initiates and wipes the space. It transmits to the viewer what is given to them, to engage within themselves, to appreciate and recognize, their dimension as men and women”.

Bruno Métura lives and works in his native Guadeloupe as an artist and educator.



Still from Cecilia Vicuña, Semiya (Seed Song), 2015. Colchagua, Chile. Video still by Christian Chierego. Courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and London.

Virtual Women Filmmakers Festival at SAAM: Her History Lessons
Ongoing through March 21
presented by Smithsonian American Art Museum + Renwick Gallery

Join the Smithsonian American Art Museum for our third annual Women Filmmakers Festival. This year, the festival is presented exclusively online with screenings and programing that highlights a different, singularly-inspiring artist each week.

Organized around the theme of “Her History Lessons,” the featured filmmakers all create works that look to the past for insights into urgent issues of today. Acknowledging the momentous events of 2020, the selected videos reflect on colonial histories and the growing climate crisis; legacies of artists, activists, and state repression; and more than a century of pandemics tied to social upheavals. By inviting these artists and their works into conversation with Smithsonian curators and audiences, the festival this year reckons with challenges that traverse generations and have much to teach us in navigating the road ahead.

Each week of the festival we will highlight a different woman filmmaker. On Mondays, we will release a longer video work by the featured artist that will be available for viewing at any time during the week. Viewers are encouraged to enjoy the film and submit questions and comments. These will be compiled and discussed each Wednesday in a live virtual conversation that features the filmmaker and Smithsonian curators. All festival offerings are closed captioned.

Mark your calendar and tune in for all of our film screenings. Register now for each artist conversation!



Empathy Zone | Virtual Exhibition
Ongoing through March 26
presented by VisArts

全球化是一柄双刃剑。在推进城市化和现代化的同时, 全球化也加剧了在过度资本主义化和商业化社会中的社会问题和冲突, 尤其体现在移民, 外来人口, 边缘人群必须面对的生活成本上涨, 城区贵族化所导致的人口被迫迁移,传统文化消失等方面。新型冠状病毒的全球性爆发更是在这些长期慢性发展的伤口上撒盐。

Globalization is a double-edged sword. While accelerating urbanization and modernization, it also exacerbates conflicts and social issues particularly in the ways immigrants and outsider/marginalized groups are confronted with increasing living costs and other unaffordable living pressures. These ongoing problems are only compounded by crises, such as COVID-19.

同感地带项目作为一个跨文化艺术交流活动, 以居住在中美两国首都的八位艺术家的私人视角, 批判性的对我们当下面临的这些问题进行了探讨。这两个首都不但文化迥异, 而且地理上相隔整整十二个时区。

A cross-cultural artistic exchange project, Empathy Zone, critically addresses these various issues from the perspectives of eight independent artists living and working in two capital cities, Beijing and DC. In addition to cultural differences, these two capital cities are located in polar opposite places, with twelve hour’s time difference. A virtual exhibition runs through March 26, 2021, and the Empathy Zone blog is updated every Friday with new artwork.

中国方面的参与艺术家有:李琳琳, 段少峰, 耶苏, 殷雅迪。美国方面的参与艺术家有:索比亚·阿马德, 安东尼奥·迈克菲, 乔瑟夫·奥尔佐, 大杉尚子。

The participating artists from China are Li Linlin, Duan Shaofeng, Ye Su, and Yin Yadi. The artists from the U.S. are Sobia Ahmad, Antonio McAfee, Joseph Orzal, and Naoko Wowsugi.

本项目的协办方为当代艺术搬运工 (北京), VisArt艺术中心 (马里兰岩石城) 和美国哥伦比亚特区艺术人文委员会。

This project is a partnership with Contemporary Art Mover (CAM), based in Beijing, and VisArts in Rockville, MD. Learn more about the project here.



Contemporary Voices: Diedrick Brackens
Tuesday, March 2 • 6-7:30pm
presented by The George Washington University Textile Museum

Meticulously hand-dyed and woven from the historically fraught material of cotton, Diedrick Brackens’s textiles portray Black figures in grand, saturated and mythic landscapes. His work employs an ever-expanding constellation of symbols that gesture to the complexities of contemporary American life.

In this virtual talk, Brackens will explore his evolving utilization of craft to investigate notions of ritual, care, intimacy and survival. The presentation will include images from the pondkeepers, his recent show at Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, as well as his exhibition shape of a fever believer opening at Oakville Galleries, Ontario in 2021.

About Diedrick Brackens

Diedrick Brackens is a Los Angeles based weaver and visual artist. His work mines history, allegory and mythology to speak to the complexities of intersecting Black and queer identity in the United States. His work resides in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Hammer Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among others. He is a recipient of the Studio Museum’s Wein Prize, the Los Angeles Artadia Award, the Biennial Grant from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, and the American Craft Council’s Emerging Artist Award.

How to Participate

To participate, register online to get a link and instructions for joining the program on Zoom. Simply follow that link at the time the event starts  (6 p.m. EST). When you register, you can also request to receive a reminder email one day before the program with the link included.

About the Contemporary Voices Series

Meet innovative artists and scholars whose practice draws on textile materials, techniques or knowledge. This series is presented in partnership with the Textile Society of America.



Black & Blue: Prints in the Time of COVID | Exhibition Opening
Wednesday, March 3 | Ongoing through March 31
presented by Galerie Myrtis

Galerie Myrtis collaborates with master printermaker Susan J. Goldman, owner of Lily Press in presenting “Black & Blue: Prints in the Time of COVID.” Curated by Goldman, the exhibition features prints by artists expressing through the use of colors black and blue, their response to the individual and universal crisis our culture is experiencing during the political revolution and the plague of the 21st century.  Black & Blue’s title refers to being beaten up and bruised by the constant barrage of the terrifying events and news of the day.  Artists find solace and security in the safety of their studios, creating works of art that record, protest, protect, grieve, soothe, offering hope and beauty for humanity.

Lily Press®, LLC is an independently owned studio that provides a variety of  services to artists for production of original, limited edition, hand-printed work.

Featured Artist: Jermaine Ashman, Victor Ekpuk, Susan J. Goldman, Michael Gross, Keiko Hara, Jun Lee, Preston Sampson, Jonpaul Smith, Eve Stockton, and Renee Stout.



Sonya Clark: Tatter, Bristle, and Mend | Exhibition Opening + Museum Re-Opening
Tuesday, March 3 | exhibition ongoing through May 31
@ National Museum of Women in the Arts

Textile and social practice artist Sonya Clark (b. 1967) is renowned for her mixed-media works that address race and visibility, explore Blackness, and redress history. This exhibition—the first survey of Clark’s 25-year career—includes the artist’s well-known sculptures made from black pocket combs, human hair, and thread as well as works created from flags, currency, beads, cotton plants, pencils, books, a typewriter, and a hair salon chair. The artist transmutes each of these everyday objects through her application of a vast range of fiber-art techniques: Clark weaves, stitches, folds, braids, dyes, pulls, twists, presses, snips, or ties within each object.

Featuring 100 works of art, Tatter, Bristle, and Mend spans the breadth of the artist’s career to date. Early beaded and stitched pieces are paired with Clark’s more recent forays into mediums such as sugar and neon. The exhibition focuses on central themes—heritage, labor, language, and visibility—and emphasizes Clark’s astute ability to rework concepts and materials over time, pulling apart threads of ideas and mending them back together to create new layers of meaning. By stitching black thread cornrows and Bantu knots onto fabrics, rolling hair into necklaces, and stringing a violin bow with a dreadlock, Clark manifests ancestral bonds and reasserts the Black presence in histories from which it has been pointedly omitted.



BmoreArt with Jerrell Gibbs and Keith Timmons
Thursday, March 4 • 6:30pm
presented by BmoreArt

Join BmoreArt’s Cara Ober and Jeffrey Kent for a discussion with painter and rising art star Jerrell Gibbs and collector Keith Timmons. Gibbs is represented by Marian Ibrahim Gallery in Chicago and was collected by the Baltimore Museum of Art in 2020. Timmons is a Baltimore-based lawyer and CPA who prolifically collects the art of his time and place. Our conversation will center around the importance of supporting artists of our time by collecting their artworks, allowing museums to borrow artworks for exhibition, and more.

Click here for Zoom Registration.



Love Groove Music Festival Virtual Women Artists’ Showcase
Friday, March 5 • 8pm

On Friday, March 5, 8pm, Love Groove Music Festival will launch its first Virtual Women Artists’ Showcase featuring eight Baltimore women artists, across eight music genres*.  Each artist (ages 18-28), will showcase their craft on a virtual stage for an enchanting evening of entertainment – during National Women’s Month.   Partial proceeds will go to the Artists’ Fund and Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Research.

This will be Love Groove Music Festival’s fourth Event featuring young Baltimore artists.  Twenty-one-year-old, founder and musician, John Tyler started the business at 17 while attending Baltimore Design School.  At that time, there were few opportunities in Baltimore for young artists to perform on a stage.   Now embarking on the fourth Event, John wanted to focus on young women artists.   He says, “as an artist myself, I see the hard work and passion that women put into their craft that doesn’t get recognized! There’s no reason why there isn’t a platform for young Baltimore women of all genres of music to express themselves.”



Upcoming: Mark Dion Virtual Lecture

March 11: 7 pm

Goucher College

Goucher College’s Studio Art Department is pleased to present via zoom, a public, virtual artist lecture by Mark Dion.

Mark is an American conceptual artist best known for his use of scientific presentations in his installations. His work examines how prevalent ideologies and institutions influence our understanding of history, knowledge, and the natural world.

Mark will be joining Goucher as the Spring 2021 Nancy G. Unobskey visiting artist in Modern and Contemporary Art, working with students in virtual classes and workshops. In his public talk, he will be speaking on his work and career, providing an overview and evolution of his practice. Falling broadly into the categories of Fieldwork, Excavation and Cultivation, Mark’s unique artistic approach has generated a number of public and institutional collaborations, permanent installations and ephemeral arrangements.

Registration for the talk is required, but the talk is free and open to the public. Please register here.

Calls for Entry // Opportunities



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2021 Online Biennial | Call for Entry
deadline March 2
sponsored by The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art

Submissions are now open for the 2021 mowna Online Biennial, free of charge, with a deadline of March 2nd, 2021. The 2021 mowna Online Biennial opens on April 30, 2021 and runs through September 22, featuring 100 international artists. Official selections will be announced April 9th. To submit, visit and fill out the online form.

The submissions for the 2021 mowna Biennial may include interactive experiences, movement, abstract, play, sound, street, fashion, animations, live performance, photography, illusions, nature, software, videoart, memes, writing, bots, gifs, vr, ar, xr, painting, sculpture, sketches, theater, poetry, opera, cinema, and other creative things only you can dream up.

mowna allows for equity, experimentation, individuality, and authenticity, and is a space for artists of all mediums. Artists are invited to consider new ways to exhibit their work online and to consider how artwork can translate to or through our digital platform. While most art organizations ignore the digital space, mowna programs specifically for it.



Request for Qualifications: P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc. Mural Project
deadline March 15
sponsored by BOPA

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA) in collaboration with P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc. (PFS) seeks a Baltimore-based artist or artist team to design and produce unique, site specific mural artwork to beautify the streetscape at 1320 Monroe Street in the Bridgeview-Greenlawn community of West Baltimore. The selected artist will engage community residents and stakeholders in the development of mural art design for installation. Project goals include community building and beautification through public art. Location: 1320 Monroe Street, Baltimore, MD 21217.

Applications are due on Monday, March 15, 2021. The Request for Qualifications is available here.



Open Call: Spring 2021
deadline March 27
sponsored by Field Projects

Field Projects is pleased to announce our Spring 2021 Open Call! Emerging and mid-career artists are invited to submit their work for consideration in our group exhibition put together by our Guest Curator. All submissions will be considered for the Exhibition and the accompanying Online Exhibition. Simultaneously, Field Projects Panel will be considering the submissions for future Solo Shows, Art Fairs, Group Shows, Off-site Exhibitions, feature in Field Magazine, feature on our social media and our studio visit program (NY Artists). About 85% of the artists we have shown at Field Project are discovered through the open call process. Believe in the PROCESS!

Below are a few examples of opportunities that can happen with your submission;

OPEN CALL EXHIBITIONS: RECLAIMING REIMAGINING curated by David Rios Ferreira, CHLORINE TIDAL WAVE curated by Tess Schwab, NO PLACE LIKE curated by AN/OTHER NY, OUR SOULS TO KEEP curated by Lissa Rivera (Museum of Sex), DEEP STRETCH curated by Sara Salamone and Tyler Lafreniere (Mrs.,NY), STRING THEORIES curated by Charlotte Mouquin (Director Pelham Art Center, Director Rush Art Galleries), JULIE SPOKE SOFTLY UNDER HER LONG SKINNY NOSE curated by Paulina Bebecka (Director Postmasters Gallery).

SOLO EXHIBITIONS: BLACK LOVE BLOOMS by Brianna Harlan, I’LL DRAW YOU A FLY by Amanda Nedham, SUSPECTS by Emilie Stark-Menneg, A NIGHT IN THE WOODS by Sahana Ramakrishna, HANDS ON by Karen Lederer, SOONEST MENDED by Carla Edwards




Field Projects is an NYC-based project space located in the heart of Chelsea’s gallery district. As an artist run space, we are committed to opening the field of exhibition opportunities to other working artists. Whether you have submitted to Field Projects before or it’s your first time, we would love to see your work!



Howard County Arts Council Employment Opportunities
deadline March 31
sponsored by Howard County Arts Council

The Howard County Arts Council (HCAC) is currently accepting applications for Camp Counselors for its 2021 Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camps. Camps will be offered to children entering grades K-7 in full-day, one-week sessions from June 28- August 27.

Camp counselors serve as classroom aides and help ensure that campers have a positive and safe camp experience during our arts camps. Counselors are needed for August camp sessions; applicants must commit to at least one full session: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm. Counselors must be aged 18 by June 15, 2021.

The Arts Council has developed rigorous COVID-19 safety protocols for this year’s camps to help protect the health and wellbeing of campers and staff. Individual camps will be structured as learning pods consisting of one instructor, one counselor, and up to 8 campers.

Applicants for Camp Counselor positions may apply by visiting the Arts Council website at Application deadline is March 31, 2021.



General Exhibit Applications | Call for Submissions
deadline April 1
sponsored by Howard County Arts Council

Artists wishing to be considered for an exhibit in the Howard County Arts Council (HCAC) galleries are invited to submit a general exhibit application. The HCAC Exhibits Committee meets quarterly to review applications and select artists for the exhibit space. Artists, ages 18 and older, working in all media and styles including time-based and installation artists, are encouraged to apply either individually or as a group. The Committee also welcomes proposals from curators and organizations.

For detailed entry guidelines, visit or email [email protected]. The next deadline for submissions is April 1, 2021.


HCAC manages two galleries at the Howard County Center for the Arts with over 2,100 square feet of exhibit space. The HCAC gallery program was established to enhance the public’s appreciation of the visual arts, provide a venue to exhibit the work of local, regional, and national artists in a professional space, and provide leadership in the arts by presenting a broad spectrum of arts in all media from both emerging and established artists.

HCAC presents 11-12 exhibits per year of national, regional, and local artists, including two-person, small and large group, juried, curated, and community shows.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gallery hours may be subject to change. For current gallery hours, or to learn more about HCAC programs and exhibits, call 410-313-ARTS (2787) or visit



The Nude | Call for Submissions
deadline April 4
sponsored by SE Center for Photography

The fine art nude has been a celebrated subject of photography since the beginning and played an important role in establishing photography as a fine art medium. Early on, both in history and most photographers’ experience, the nude has been featured in a classical pose and setting, maturing to illustrating the human body as a sculptural abstraction, and with some pushing boundaries.

Our juror for The Nude is Renée Jacobs. Renée is one of the most celebrated photographers of the female nude of our time. Recipient of the prestigious International Photography Award for Fine Art Nude, her work has been exhibited and published around the world.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date.



The Staged Photograph | Call for Submissions
deadline April 4
sponsored by SE Center for Photography

Photographers have long utilized the medium to create a contrived environment, scene, or vignette to communicate something other than the decisive traditionally associated with the medium. Staging gives the artist the opportunity to make very specific and careful choices, in order to control every element and even sometimes to give the appearance of spontaneity.

Our juror for The Staged Photograph is Richard Tuschman. Richard began experimenting with digital imaging in the early 1990s, developing a style that synthesized his interests in photography, painting, and assemblage.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date.



header image: Sonya Clark, Octoroon (2018)

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