Fanni Somogyi

Fanni Somogyi is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer from Hungary and currently based in Baltimore. She explores modes of connections and metamorphosis through speculative works. She is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. IG: @fanni_somogyi 

Stories by Fanni Somogyi
Review of 'Early Blossoms/Perilous Thirds' at Current Space featuring Stephanie Barber, Patrick David, and Josh Dorman

Barber, David, and Dorman transport viewers to fictitious and prophetic scenarios of apocalypses and hopeful futures that suspend disbelief through immersion in surreal realms.

In 'Don’t put it back like it was,’ Larner explores creative destruction and transformation through materials such as mold, hair, and stainless steel

The first object I meet immediately implicates me in a process of dismantling.