Saskia Kahn

Saskia Kahn


Saskia Kahn is a photographer and teaching artist from the Manhattan Beach section of Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in portraiture and develops photo essays on the performing arts of Baltimore for BmoreArt magazine. Kahn also collaborates with the people she photographs and teaches free photography programs in Baltimore, MD, Hudson, NY, and Yaoundé, Cameroon. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, EW, The Brooklyn Rail, and BmoreArt Magazine, among others. She lives in Baltimore, MD. You can view more of her work and learn out to get in touch with her at (Photo by Lucrezia Alcorn)

Stories by Saskia Kahn
Photos by Saskia Kahn, a NY-to-Baltimore transplant, who loves the connections and conversations that photography invites

Remembering what can be special about this holiday season including the beauty of night, the sense of expectation, and buying into the magic

Saskia Kahn captures experimental fashion show Fantasy Machine

Current Space's epic experimental fashion show Fantasy Machine returned last Saturday for its sold-out fourth edition. Thankfully, photographer Saskia Kahn staked out a spot beside the runway and captured it all.

Photo essay and interview with Donna L. Jacobs, Full Circle’s Artistic Director

Full Circle Dance Company's interpretation of home offers a chance for audiences in Baltimore to consider dance in a whole new way

A place of motion, movement, and community

A key tenet of photovoice is that the goal is not to create technically sound photographs—and yet, in relieving that pressure, so much of the work was visually exciting.