Fantasy Machine 4eva at Current Space: Photo Essay

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Current Space’s epic experimental fashion show Fantasy Machine returned last Saturday for its sold-out fourth edition. Organized and curated by participating designer Meg Beck, the event featured collections by Jay Sanborn, Bokeum Jeon, Lorra Clara, Aszana, flowernames, Hendricks, and Pony.

Hosted by MC Moses Leonardo, with music by DJ innerfreekling, the popular event also featured wares from craft and garment vendors Chima Ezenwachi, Prayers Zine, freckle farm, Ellie Mac, Little Flames, Hannah Moog, Lindsay Bottos, Danielle Hernandez, Brenda Botitta, and Doily Studio. Thankfully, photographer Saskia Kahn staked out a spot beside the runway and captured all the fun, as well as some behind-the-scenes snaps.


MC Moses Leonardo


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