Photos from Sketchbook to Suspension at The Mitchell Gallery, St. John’s College

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From Sketchbook to Suspension: Trajectories in the Age of Synthesis
Curated by Helen Frederick
The Mitchell Gallery, St. Johns College, Annapolis
May 21 – June 11, 2009
Work by Barb Tisserat, Cara Ober, and Janis Goodman
Digital Photographs by Michael Platt
Handmade paper by Lisa Hill
Barbara Tisserat
Michael Platt
Cloth ‘scroll’ by Maria Barbosa
Andrew Raftery
Work by Helen Frederick, center
Interactive video by Mark Cooley

Interactive Video and Photos by Roberto Bocci

Wall installation and work on paper by Cara Ober
Champagne on a sunny day = nice.

Char Brooks, Mark Cooley, Helen Frederick, and Cara Ober
Interactive Paper Installation by Yuriko Yamaguchi

A closeup (above) and full view of Maria Barbosa’s tapestry with glow-in-the-dark footprints.

Hanging sculpture by Eve Ingalls
Paul Ryan, Helen Frederick, and Larry Hamlin
Helen Frederick and Larry Hamlin, next to their work
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