Photos from SCOPE Miami, compliments of ’00 Art Spy, Kim Manfredi

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The Riot Temple a visceral exploration of worship and violence.
Anne Fosik
A homeopathic treatment for human longing.
Evol – graffitti artist from Berlin
Geza Szollosi @ Mauger Modern art
Irvine Contemporary
Dylan Graham at Waterhouse and Dodd Contemporary
Maya Hayuk
Eki Nugroho embroidery
Jayme McLellan from Civilian Art Projects and Nikki Painter’s Installation and drawings
Daisuke Takeya
Max Johnston
Paintings by Katherine Mann at Hamiltonian
Paintings by Jim Rieck at Hamiltonian’s booth
Red Truck Gallery

Cecile Molina

Derick Lander
Daniel Glazer and Magdalena Kunz
Seth Adelsberger at Civilian Art Projects
Paintings by Magnolia Laurie
Rock Stars

Inside / Outside at Scope
*All Photos by Kim Manfredi
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