Critical Writing in the Arts Workshop with BmoreArt’s Cara Ober on Saturday, October 20

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Critical Writing in the Arts Workshop with BmoreArt’s Cara Ober on Saturday, October 20 
Art is meant to be looked at, discussed, and argued over. Without a lively discussion, especially one that is documented, most of the artwork created locally is never seen or understood. In collaboration with Bmore Art, we introduce a new workshop that enhances the artist’s natural sense of inquiry and engagement. The Bmore Art Blog came about from the critical shortage of writing about local art. This workshop shares exercises, rules, secrets, and skills that can transform an armchair opinion into a solid written discourse. 11am–1pm. Adv reg $25, $20 mbrs. Walk-in $30, $25 mbrs 
(If you can come up with a reason why you should attend this workshop for free, that could happen.)

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