Scene Seen: Photos from Under 500 at Maryland Art Place

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Levitating Christmas trees, a giant Thank You sign, an open bar, and a ‘pixelated’ photobooth all added up to a well attended fundraiser at Maryland Art Place, even if it was on Friday the 13th. The volunteers, exhibiting artists, and MAP staff also were particularly cheery because of the high percentage of red ribbons replacing works of art on the wall. After a purchase was made, the piece was taken to a professional wrapping station so that patrons could take them home immediately.

While I know that there are some artists and art patrons NOT in favor of affordable art, this fundraiser did create an opportunity for first time collectors to purchase work by a great selection of local artists. In my opinion, you’ve got to start somewhere. Other good news is that 50% of each sale went to the artist and the other half went to a vital, local non-profit organization.


My favorite thing at the party? Besides the art of course, it would have to be the photo booth… apparently all photos will be available to be viewed online  at the Pixilated Photo Booth website. Thanks, Shodekeh, Carlyn, Amy & Amy, Dawn, Stewart, Jan, & Jeannie for the memories!




IMG_7603Awesome bartenders!







IMG_7616Stewart Watson and Amy Boone-McCreesh

 * This post was cobbled together by Bmoreart Editor Cara Ober

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