The Great Lantern Parade in Photos

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Inertia: Elizabeth Glaessner

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To Follow and Extend: Matisse / Diebenkorn

Photos by Tim Klement

On Saturday, October 29, hundreds gathered in Patterson Park for the 17th Great Halloween Lantern Parade & Festival in the tradition of Día de los Muertos. For those who arrived early enough, the Creative Alliance held lantern workshops starting at 3:30 pm, with Day of the Dead altar making, hayrides, crafts vendors, food trucks, beer garden, live music, and zumba. Later in the day, participants held a kids costume contest, yoga in costume, a Pulaski Monument Ceremony, an Offrenda Ceremony with Artesanas Mexicanas, and then lined up for the parade at 6:30.

This year’s parade featured a finale with Mariachi Rey Azteca, Naciones Unidas. The free event was produced by Creative Alliance with Artesanas Mexicanas, and Friends of Patterson Park, and in partnership with Baltimore City Dept of Recreation and Parks.

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Photographer Tim Klement is a locally based artist, maker, and fixer-upper of all kinds of bicycles.

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