New/Next Film Festival Afterparty with TT the Artist and Dapper Dan Midas

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The New/Next Film Festival afterparty featured a performance by Baltimore Club headliners TT the Artist and Dapper Dan Midas Friday night at Metro Gallery. Both artists served a commanding presence on stage with rapid fire beats, thought provoking lyrics, and idiosyncratic points of view.

Friday’s performance was both invigorating and communal. Dapper Dan Midas and TT the Artist engaged the crowd, creating a sense of unity and vibrant celebration of dance, rhythm, and the urban experience while recognizing Baltimore creativity and artistry.

Dapper Dan Midas featured dancers Jaylen Brown and Jack Estep. TT the Artist brought up dance crew TSU Tery, TSU Rum, and Queen Stylzz  “the Queen of Baltimore” with DJ Mighty Mark invited all the sexy ladies on stage following an impromptu dance battle in the crowd. TSU Terry performed Roll Call written by Marquis Jamal Gasque, Tedra Willson, Terry Wedington and produced by Mighty Mark. Additional cameos included Baltimore Bop creator Run It Up Jordan and Park Heights Strut King Bunkey Jr. 


TT the Artist and She’s Ryan performed Sexy Lady EP for the first time on stage. “I had a great time coming back to Baltimore and reconnecting with where my musical journey started. I felt so much love in the room. I had a chance to perform some new songs from my collaborative Sexy Ladies EP with Brooklyn native powerhouse She’s Ryan. I also wanted to highlight the next generation of club music artists Tsu Terry and Run It Up Jordan creator of the viral dance Baltimore Bop by sharing the stage with them” explained TT the Artist.

The show culminated in a set by Mighty Mark, well known DJ, producer and influential figure in Baltimore’s music scene who has helped keep the spirit of Baltimore Club music alive while also pushing its boundaries to new and exciting places. His efforts have played a significant role in bringing attention to the vibrant musical landscape of Baltimore.

Both artists—committed to pushing artistic boundaries—delivered a memorable live experience solidifying their reputation as an innovative and influential megastars of Baltimore Club music. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres, ignite the dance floor, and foster a sense of community among the audience makes their music and performances stand out in the contemporary music landscape. 

Baltimore Club Music’s unapologetic celebration of dance, rhythm, and the urban experience has made it a cherished and influential genre in the city’s musical landscape both locally and beyond. 

New Next After Party
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