Jaddie Fang

Jaddie Fang

Jaddie Fang has worked as an independent curator, writer, film translator, skateboarder and artist for over a decade. Her works include photography, video, music, and writing under the pseudonym "小玉", "小鬻, or Jaddie Fang since 2011. Born and raised in Taiwan, she currently resides in Baltimore Maryland working as a freelancer and independent curator since 2017.

Stories by Jaddie Fang
Smoke Bellow, Baltimore's Post-Punk, Experimental, Australian Kraut Rock Band

For Australians Meredith McHugh and Christian Best who comprise the band Smoke Bellow— along with American drummer and vocalist Jen Kirby from the Stranger Time People band—music is the language through which they migrated to Baltimore.

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The ever-evolving, "Stateless" musician of many aliases brings his genre-bending brand of experimentation to the Red Room this Tuesday.

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