Jaddie Fang

Jaddie Fang

Jaddie Fang has worked as an independent curator, writer, film translator, skateboarder and artist for over a decade. Her works include photography, video, music, and writing under the pseudonym "小玉", "小鬻, or Jaddie Fang since 2011. Born and raised in Taiwan, she currently resides in Baltimore Maryland working as a freelancer and independent curator since 2017.

Stories by Jaddie Fang
A Conversation about Outcalls' new single "Holiday Ex-Lover" and their latest album, "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1"

The neo-opera duo Outcalls is classically trained, but they use their singing and musical skills with the creativity of pop rhythms to gently choke the patriarchy with their beautiful voices.

A look back at 2021 releases from Baltimore/DC-affiliated artists in anticipation for 2022

Entering 2022, it is gratifying that this city's music is still full of such vitality.

The legendary Baltimore punk band talks about its brief comeback, art and commercialism, and critical visceral performance

Around the end of August, Double Dagger announced their two-date shows at Ottobar and Current Space as a “once in a decade” event that would only be held in Baltimore in mid-October.

The Tuareg guitarist talks about poetry in translation, legacies of colonization, and building his first guitar using bicycle brake cables

Mdou Moctar's music carries memories through traditional guitar rhythms, a fusion between the desert nomads and modern diaspora.