Rebekah Kirkman

Rebekah Kirkman

Rebekah Kirkman is BmoreArt's Managing Editor. An artist, writer, and editor, Rebekah earned her BFA at MICA and later worked for the Baltimore City Paper as the visual arts editor, intern manager, and fact-checking coordinator from 2014 to 2017. She writes criticism, essays, and profiles with a strong interest in social/political concerns surrounding the arts. Her freelance work has appeared in the Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Fishbowl, The Outline, and elsewhere. Email Rebekah to talk about editorial stuff at

Stories by Rebekah Kirkman
This year, 36 artists across 6 categories get $2,500 each

For the 2021 awards, this structure "was specifically modified to address the needs of artists working in the region, almost all of whom have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic."

Some of these records inevitably confront themes that are pertinent to our present circumstances and upheavals, some take the listener to places subterranean or extraterrestrial, and many others pull off an inventive combination of all the above. 

Edgar Reyes: Fragments at VisArts

As his family’s own historian, Reyes seems invested in keeping and sharing their stories with great care in a multifaceted way.

Reckonings, mutual aid, pivots, and survival mode

What have we realized, or re-realized, or realized for the nth time in 2020?