Oletha DeVane on Printmaking Workshops with Soledad Salame

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Soledad Salamé, international artist and Baltimore resident, offers an exhilarating workshop in her printmaking studio to a selected range of artists who cherish the opportunity to experiment and create a body of work. Several artists who just completed her workshop had this to say about the master printmaker….

“Soledad is an inspiration as well as teacher. She nourishes you and encourages you to fly. This was my second workshop and my second experience with printmaking. I feel that I have walked through an open door…. Truly it was a life changing experience. Having Sole teach and encourage my work and being with other artists who are working at many different levels was exhilarating.”

“ I had never before done printmaking and this workshop with Soledad guided me through the complete process in a very efficient way. I finally got to see some of the techniques she uses to create her fabulous work. With her guidance and experience, she pointed out the best techniques that have given her good print results. She encourages individual expression and allowed us to experiment. The studio is well organized and her assistants, Em Meine and Rebecca Keaton, eager to help. Her husband, Michael Koryta, a photographer, provided technical guidance from his photographic background. Although this three day workshop is intense, Soledad and Michael create an atmosphere of humor, music and warmth.”

Soledad received her M. degree in printmaking in 1979. She was first introduced to solar etching in 1996 when she participated in a workshop offered by Goya Girl Press. The program was taught by master printer, Dan Welden. Learning these non-toxic processes had a great impact on Salamé and gave her an opportunity to develop her body of work in an entirely new direction. It allowed her to work without the use of acids or chemicals in her own studio where she was able to continue developing her own experimental techniques. Now, after over 10 years of working with these processes, Soledad shares her experience and expertise with others.

Soledad is a tireless teacher and her goal is to assure that every one in her workshop leaves with a renewed sense of commitment to printmaking and a frame of reference for excellent work. For further information, contact Soledad directly at (410) 462-5365 or by email at [email protected] New workshops take place the last weekend of each month.

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