Jack Livingston


Jack Livingston is an artist, educator, critic, and community activist. He has taught interactive media and art criticism at the Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins University. His writing on arts and culture is regularly published in a number of online and print journals. He is the former editor of Radar Review of Arts and Culture, as well as the editor for Radar Redux. Email Jack at jacksonroylivingston@gmail.com.

Stories by Jack Livingston
Remembering a consummate art raconteur with a big heart who blossomed here, a brilliant artist, collaborator, and friend

David was one of us, a crazy good art citizen. He leaves a bountiful legacy behind.

Ruth Pettus’ enormous paintings of isolated massive figures emerged in exhibitions locally in the early 1990s. Each painting portrays a single mysterious male form wearing a suit that hangs like soaked armor.