Dan Corrigan and Kevin Smith at Gallery 1448 April 3

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Gallery 1448 presents a dual exhibit: Biotic Connections, photographs by Kevin Smith and I’ll Drown My Book, mixed media work by Dan Corrigan.

April 3 – April 26, 2009
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 3, 6-8 pm
Regular Hours: Sat / Sun 1:00 pm -5:00 pm, or by appointment

Gallery 1448 is pleased to present the work of these two Loyola College students who explore ways of depicting the physical world and how science, nature and culture combine to inform our perceptions of beauty.

Kevin Smith, in his exhibit entitled Biotic Connections, creates a collection of photographs that illustrate the intricate forms and patterns existing in the earthly bodies of six different species: the honeybee, terrapin, pigeon, blue crab, orchid and human. At multiple levels including cellular, epidermal and structural, he examines and compares the specialization that each species has developed in order to survive. As a Biology/Photography Interdisciplinary major, Smith has been able to fuse his passion for art and science so that we can appreciate the marvels and aesthetic beauty of biology and physiology depicted in his remarkable photographs.

Dan Corrigan is an English and Studio Arts major. In his contribution entitled I’ll Drown My Book, he uses a variety of media and techniques: printmaking, calligraphy, collage and treatment of actual books and found texts to explore ways in which text can be used as a formal element as well as a carrier of meaning. Recently, he has executed a series of anatomical drawings from medical museums in Philadelphia and Washington DC. He used these drawings to create a series of prints to which he has added text in order to investigate a particular metaphor: the conflation of the human body with “the text” as an entity. A text, like the body is a construction of systems and elements, Corrigan contends; we even use anatomical terms like “spine” and “foot” when describing books. His nuanced mixed-media works exemplify the relationship between word and body.

Please join us at the opening reception to meet these two exceptional young artists.

Gallery 1448
Artists Housing Inc.
1448 East Baltimore Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

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