Lotta Fun = School 33’s 2013 Lotta Art! by Cara Ober

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I almost always donate a piece of art to Lotta Art, School 33’s annual fundraiser. It’s a swanky party, staged in the steel and chrome lobby of Silo Point, and the crowd is so enthusiastic about the event. People really come out of the woodwork for this benefit, and who wouldn’t? For $175 you can choose any piece of art donated to the show, with much of the works valued in the hundreds, or thousands of dollars, as long as someone else doesn’t pick it first. This year, there was a LOT of really good work here and, from the whoops and hollers from the audience each time a number was called, it seemed that every participant got to take home their first choice.

I did! For the first year ever, I donated a piece and paid an additional $100 to select a work of art. When the announcer called my name, I got flustered and said the wrong number! But luckily I realized my mistake and was able to change it back to the piece I really wanted – a petite and lovely drawing by Magnolia Laurie, which is now looking pretty great in my living room.

I will admit I did hear a few observations that this year’s event seemed less populated than last year’s, but most people seemed happy about it, that there was more elbow room and opportunities to select the art they really wanted. I am guessing this may have been due to the unfortunate scheduling of The Creative Alliance’s Marquee Ball on the same night. Seriously! Who does that?! I have insider information that School 33 booked their event first, and that Creative Alliance changed their date later, not intentionally to put it on the same night as Lotta Art, but still! Considering we have three solid non-profit spaces in Baltimore, this should not happen again in the future. Art non-profits, let’s all get together and plan out next year’s spring fundraisers together, ok? – CO




Lotta Art is an annual event raises funds for the support and growth of School 33, the renowned Baltimore arts institution that has championed the arts for nearly 30 years through exhibitions, studio space, and arts education. Lotta Art features juried art by local artists who have generously donated their work to benefit School 33 Art Center. Each art ticket holder is guaranteed a work of art in this lottery-style drawing.

All artwork was available for preview on School 33’s website on March 30, 2013 and at Silo Point beginning April 13, 2013.



IMG_3431The lottery-style drawing hosted by Anthony McCarthy of WEAA-FM.











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