We Saw This, So Should You: 2013 MFA Thesis II at Maryland Institute College of Art, Selections by Ian MacLean Davis

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andrew lubas 1 Studio Center-72Andrew Lubas, Studio Center

andrew lubas 2 Studio Center-72

Celan Bouillet 1 Meyerhoff Gallery-72Celan Bouillet, Meyerhoff Gallery

Celan Bouillet 2 detail Meyerhoff Gallery-72

Celan Bouillet 2 Meyerhoff Gallery-72

Erica Diehl 1 D-Center-72Erika Diehl, D Center

Erica Diehl 2 D-Center-72

Erica Diehl 3 D-Center-72

George Belcher 1 D-Center-72George Belcher, D Center

George Belcher 2 D-Center-72

Jascha Owens 1 Decker Gallery-72Jascha Owens, Decker Gallery

Jascha Owens 2 Decker Gallery-72

Jascha Owens 3 Decker Gallery-72

Jascha Owens 4 Decker Gallery-72

Laura Payne 1 D-Center-72Laura Payne, D Center

Laura Payne 1 detail D-Center-72

Laura Payne 3 D-Center

Seung-Beom Cho 1 detail Studio Center-72Seung Beum Cho, Studio Center

Seung-Beom Cho 1 Studio Center-72

Seung-Beom Cho 1A Studio Center-72

Seung-Beom Cho 2 Studio Center-72

MICA MFA Thesis II can be viewed April 19 through May 5 at various locations. Check out the beautifully designed Thesis Website for images and more info:

Ian MacLean Davis is a Baltimore-based artist and instructor.

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