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Photography by Amanda Bowrosen

The Launch Party for Issue 2 of the BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas was held on Saturday, June 4 at Area 405 in the Station North A&E District. We had a great crowd at the event and are so grateful for the love and support Baltimore’s creative humans continue to heap on us. Thank you for supporting what we do — we exist because Baltimore’s artists are so damned interesting. And fun. And generous. And inspiring.

Many thanks to Union Craft Brewing for being our official beer sponsor. Thanks to Stewart Watson of Area 405, to all the talented artists who donated their work to our auction and exhibit, to those who bought art, bought magazines and T’s, and tickets. All of your support goes right back into our next issue.

Thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers – starting with BmoreArt’s Lauren Van Slyke and Rebecca Juliette, our interns Alex Oehmke, Emma Jo Shatto, Cat Thomas, Paul Theodoris, and Sage Viscovi, as well as friends and colleagues Julia Memoli, Anna Fine Foer, Robbie Horwitz, Lucas Nelson, and Noah Reyes. Many thanks to Chris Attenborough and Sean Naftel for building us the BEST Nacho Stand EVER! Many thanks to Suzy Kopf for building an AMAZING Balloon Arch that so many of you were photographed under. Krystal Mack and Alice Gadzinski, thank you for making the event so special with your incredible Karma Pops and Installation! Thank you for deejaying, bartending, and helping us set up and clean up.

So much gratitude for those who showed up, worked hard on this publication, and give so much to this community.

We love you. We’ll see you again for Issue 3 next fall.

-Editor Cara Ober

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We handed out about 400 copies of the new issue on Saturday night – but don’t worry! If you haven’t gotten your copy, they are available here on our site (we’ll mail it to you), at the BMA Museum Store, Trohv in Hampden, The Women’s Exchange in Mt. Vernon, the Walters, and a growing number of local boutiques and shops.

Photographer Amanda Bowrosen is from Long Island, New York, but currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Amanda attends the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she studies photography and filmmaking. Check out her work at InstagramFacebook / and Website

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.37.20 AMMagazine Cover Images by Joseph Hyde.

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