Bmore Flea Market: Vintage Fashion and New Finds at Ministry of Brewing

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Art AND: Meredith Moore

Ministry Of Brewing was filled with fashion and excitement on Sunday, March 13th, hosting Bmore Flea’s vintage pop-up. The eclectic space created an expressive environment for vendors and attendees alike.

As the flea market quickly filled with people, conversation and a sense of community came about. Each person took their time to stop and file through the special items each vendor displayed. From vintage leather jackets, T-shirts, and baseball caps to jewelry and trinkets, each shop had its own unique collection.

The Bmore Flea is a roving project and their next event will be held Saturday, April 9, at Broadway Market. More information about their pop-ups can be found on their Instagram, @bmoreflea, closer to the dates of these events. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, email with your Instagram handle and/or a link to your website.


Arvay Adams, Creator
Wearing: vintage chain stitch, black fire union T-shirt, handmade African textile hat


Rebecca Madariaga, Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Wearing: Vintage AFI T-shirt, custom-made battle vest, hair done by @thegothic.barber


Patrick Horvat, Market Organizer, Event Organizer, and Graphic Designer
Wearing: Vintage Wrangler, vintage Levi’s, flea market hat



Travis Bozeman, Technical Director, and Audrey Strawderman, Assistant Project Manager
Wearing: Colorblock jacket and jeans (Travis), Satin skirt and scarf (Audrey)
@bckwtr and @odd_awwdrey


Rebecca Babish, Vintage Curator and Shop Owner
Wearing: Lancaster County Choppers thrifted tee, plaid pants, Doc Martens

Tatim Kilosky, Bartender
Wearing: O’Shea’s bar T-shirt, Blundstones, hat from Boho Hoarder booth

Ellis Fields, Office Manager (Pictured with Tatim)
Wearing: Blundstones and ASOS overalls, hat from Boho Hoarder booth


Aaron Jones, Tailor
Wearing: Military poncho, old-school Birkenstocks


Claire Chambers, Marketing
Wearing: Jeffrey Campbell shoes, vintage Mongolian sheep hair coat, vintage ’70s jumpsuit


Kylon Mosley, Technician
Wearing: Birkenstocks, vintage Dockers, vintage hoodie from Columbia, jacket from Bmore Flea


Bailey Boyer, co-owner of Tonari, and Matt Spengler
Wearing: Vintage overalls from Denver (Bailey), Vintage overshirt (Matt)


Alaska Kellum, Graphic Designer
Wearing: Vintage jacket, Bmore Flea vintage sweater, Doc Martens


Lindsay Street, Vintage Curator
Wearing: Thrifted sweater from Iceland, vintage Levi’s, pom pom earrings, white Filas


Madeline, Vendor
Wearing: Vintage kimono, leopard boots, vintage hat, vintage turquoise jewelry


Parker Sadowski, Tailor and Designer
Wearing: Vintage Super Smash Bros sweatshirt, Vintage Carhartt pants custom-altered by himself, Jordans


River, Student
Wearing: Nike Sweatshirt, Nike Joggers


Rodney Salvador, Vendor and Textile Artist
Wearing: Vintage Levi’s, Vintage Key West tee, Voodoo Creak sneakers, custom made jewelry by himself


Scott Skrivian, Tattoo Artist
Wearing: 77 Blazer Mids, Classic 512 Levi’s, Billabong coat, Vans button-up, hat from Vú


Elaina Wolinski, Customer Service
Wearing: Vivienne Westwood necklace, Gunne Sax vintage dress

Paige Meinen, Pharmacy Technician
Wearing: Psychic Outlaw jacket, Levi’s, white Vans


D.J. Coleman, Joshua Kelly, MJ Broderick, Entrepreneurs
Wearing: Vintage Sneakers, Sports Tees


E. Brady Robinson, Photographer
IG: @ebradyrobinson
Resident Artist: @MarylandArtPlace
Representation: @Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Captioning by Max Weinstein and Jenn Dezotelle

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