Arcadia Futura: Idealistic Architecture, Futuristic Visions, and Nostalgic Design

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In Arcadia Futura, an exhibit at BmoreArt’s Connect+Collect Gallery, two artists both incorporate the language of architecture into futuristic, nostalgic, and ecologically driven visions, in drawings, prints, and sculpture.

We hosted a small, private salon-style talk on Thursday, May 25 with the artists, Alyssa Dennis and TLaloC, in collaboration with the Baltimore chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Baltimore): an organization for architects in the United States that provides education, government advocacy, community redevelopment, and public outreach to support the architecture profession.



Transcript / Audio from the Talk as Follows

Cara Ober: Welcome, everyone to BmoreArt’s Connect+Collect gallery space. Tonight we are hosting a talk with our two exhibiting artists, TLaloC and Alyssa Dennis, along with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Baltimore chapter members Randy Sovich and Violeta Fiorino.

For anyone who does not know, BmoreArt is Baltimore’s contemporary art publication and we publish online at BmoreArt dot com about six days a week and a beautiful biannual print journal that comes out each spring and fall. We host a lot of different kinds of events for our subscribers, so we hope you consider joining our community and becoming a BmoreArt subscriber. 

Jeffrey Kent: Welcome to Connect and Collect, our gallery space where we host exhibits every three months. While the shows are up, we like to host different kinds of engagements, so sign up for the newsletter and we can invite you to the next one. We also create limited edition books for each show designed by Raquel Castedo, our designer in residence. 

Raquel Castedo: Hi everyone. I’ve been collaborating for about a year with BmoreArt on digital communications, and especially for the gallery – creating visual identity and special books that are inspired by the artist’s work. It’s a very cool experience of learning about them and learning what’s special about the materials they work with, the qualities of the work they do, and then transformingbased on that script that inspirationcreating something that lasts after the exhibition ends.

It’s not exactly a catalog, it’s more like a book about them with beautiful photo essays and documentation and other materials included so you know more about them beyond the exhibition. It’s really to extend knowledge about what they do. So we invite you to check it out, they’re available for sale and we are printing just 125 books.


Jeffrey Kent: And they’ll be numbered and signed by the artists.

Cara Ober: If you can’t afford to buy a work of art tonight, that’s okay. The books are $45 and we try to make it easy if you wanna take a book home with you tonight. We just got them today and we’re really excited. I want to introduce Lauren Bosek, from AIA Baltimore, our partner tonight and then I will turn it over to Inéz Sanchez de Losada, our gallery coordinator.



The conversation with our two exhibiting artists included two AIA-member architects, Randy Sovich and Violeta Fiorino, and was moderated by our gallery coordinator, Inés Sanchez de Lozada. For anyone interested in experiencing the talk in photos and audio, we offer this podcast-style recording.



Our limited edition artist book is a companion to the exhibit and can be ordered here and shipped or selected for pick-up at the gallery. For anyone interested in seeing the exhibit, Arcadia Futura is up through July 13 with a closing reception that day. Attendance is free but requires an RSVP here.

Event photos by Jill Fannon and installation photos by Vivian Doering.


TLaloC, The Ruins of the Future
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