Republic of Greatmen Drops Winter Collection

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I’ve always been a sensory person with a curiosity for construction and design, which led me to Republic of Greatmen! I made a visit to REPUBLIC’s new location (34 W. 25th Street Baltimore) and good news, there’s no way to miss it with the massive sign in the entryway. My visit included a behind the scenes tour of daily operations and a view of winter pieces that are available now! 

Explore the site and you can expect REPUBLIC to deliver their signature ultra patched garments with a mixture of embroidery and bold graphics but some of my favorite details are in the notions small objects or accessories, including items that are sewn or otherwise attached to a finished article, such as buttons, snaps, and collar stays (add to your fashion vocab!) This new collection features hardware detailing such as safety pins on distressed skullys and functional gold zippers to close leather shirts. 

Sylvester Leather Jacket and Flared Leather Pants. Photo by Eric Davenport @iamhiml
Sylvester Leather Jacket and Flared Leather Pants. Photo by Eric Davenport @iamhiml
Sylvester Leather Bucket Hat
The details speak for themselves, from the lining to the thread count, all the way down to each and every design.
Elijah Claiborne

One of my favorite challenges is finding a way to stay warm AND stylish as we navigate through the winter season. This new collection includes an array of quality pieces for this winter and winters to come! From distressed hats & face masks, rain/snow sets, hoodies & more, Republic has definitely got your wardrobe covered!

“I want people to remember that this [winter] collection is the start of something new for REPUBLIC fashion,” says Elijah Claiborne, Creative Director of the brand. “We want the audience to see the disruption that we are causing in our brand & the fashion industry by taking a step outside of the norm of what we are accustomed to in Baltimore, MD, but most importantly DMV fashion.”

Inspiration for a collection can be drawn from a simple moment in one’s day, how a fabric flows, an emotion/ feeling or even a period in fashion history. The phrase “Dare to be different” is what pushed the development and creative execution of this collection. Claiborne told me, “Though I was happy being classified as Urban Luxury & Urban Couture, I want more, I want the world to know what REPUBLIC fashion is and understand our style, creativity, and how we are incorporating new concepts & pieces into fashion that sets us apart from any other brand. No more “Urban Luxury” or “Urban Couture”… More hype beast, more graphic, more modern luxury. That’s what we are about now!!!”

The term “quality” is tossed around a lot in the fashion industry and quality, in my opinion, is subjective. We as artists, designers, and consumers establish what quality means to us; it serves as a source of fuel when deciding what we buy and how we create. Fast fashion and trendy pieces most definitely sell but there is another community of individuals who appreciate and require good craftsmanship and longevity of the pieces they collect within their wardrobe. This same craftsmanship and level of quality is at the forefront of the design decisions at REPUBLIC. The goal is to have quality pieces that leave a lasting impact.

“We brainstormed and found new connections out of India, Pakistan, Italy, and SoCal, LA (Based out of Korea), …eliminating a middleman and going straight to the source,” Claiborne describes. “Now we have the same fabrics as Balenciaga, Burberry, Essentials, and more… The details speak for themselves, from the lining to the thread count, all the way down to each and every design. We are ready to give more than just fashion, we hold ourselves to a high regard.”


Looking forward into the future of luxury fashion, REPUBLIC wants to be known as a powerhouse innovator within the industry and plans to also continue exploring women’s fashion.  Be on the lookout for the women’s Sylvester leather collection which Claiborne describes as, “Luxury, leather, and quality garments that represent high-end fashion in a modern rock & luxury fashionable way (in our culture) with a twist.”

Faith Over Fear sweatshirt

Photos courtesy of Republic of Greatmen

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