Angela N. Carroll

Angela N. Carroll


Angela N. Carroll uses illustration, citizen journalism, documentary film, words, and experimental animation as primary mediums to contribute to and critique the archive. Music and meditation are her medicine. She is an artist-archivist, a purveyor and investigator of culture. Follow her at

Stories by Angela N. Carroll
The exhibition, curated by Dr. Deborah Willis, features 35 artists working in photography, installation, and time-based media

The exhibition centers hope, humor, and ritual as humanizing strategies to investigate and negotiate the impacts of migration.

"For art to inspire, it must be seen,” Gregory and Atwell told me during an interview. “One of our greatest joys is sharing our collection and hopefully spurring further thought in young minds.” 

Black abstraction riffs like jazz, implodes and reassembles itself from the myriad influences that found its emergence. Black abstraction is rooted in a meta-consciousness, an ode to Black survival and ...

You are an archive. Your cellular memory and the genetic structures that determined the color of your eyes are archives too, lasting proof about your ancestry. We don’t consider our ...