ID: Five Sculptors at Goucher College

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Rob Neilson

Exhibition Title: ID

Artists in the Exhibition: Anthony Cervino /Jason Ferguson / Ronald Gonzalez/ Rob Neilson / Melissa Ichiuji
Dates of Exhibition: October 29 – December 14, 2007 / Date of Opening:Thursday, November 8 – 6-8 PM

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In ID five sculptors, Rob Neilson, Ronald Gonzalez, Anthony Cervino, Melissa Ichiuji, and Jason Ferguson, challenge the conventions of representational self-portraiture. In their selective and often abstract use of figuration, the artists in the exhibition engage with the identification of self as it is situated socially and perhaps institutionally-one’s “I.D.”-and also with a sometimes playful approach to the psychoanalytic dimensions of the “id.” The exhibition’s title then introduces a kind of paradoxical conflict between public identification, made manifest through various bureaucratic forms of I.D.(passports, drivers’ licenses, social security numbers, for example) and the id, a Freudian classification for the most basic and unconscious physical drives (sex, food, aggression). The artists respond to the seeming inconsistencies of I.D. and id by exhibiting a self-consciousness of the complicated construction of identity.

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