Photos from Mise-en-scène at Paperwork Gallery on Saturday, Feb. 7 from 7-9 p.m.

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I Heart Photograph by Kerry Adams

Lillian Bayley Hoover. ‘Stop.’ Oil on Canvas.
Guillaume Pallat. ‘Perversion #2.’ Digital Print.
Audrey Collins Petrich. ‘Night Fishing.’ 2008. Diorama: Wood, plastic, light, motor.

Mise-en-scène: Works by Audrey Collins Petrich (diorama & ephemera), Photos by Guillaume Pallat, and Painting by Lillian Bayley Hoover.

Stemming from the theater, the French term mise en scène literally means “putting on stage.” When applied to the cinema, mise-en-scène refers to everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement – sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting.

Mise-en-scène also includes the positioning and movement of actors on the set, which is called blocking. These are all the areas overseen by the director, and thus, in French film credits, the director’s title is metteur en scène, “putter on scene.”

Paperwork Gallery
107 E. Preston Street

Guillaume Pallat’s photos from the “Perversions” series and Lillian Bayley Hoover’s painting titled ‘Barracks.’

Lights off and light’s on (below): views of Audrey Collins Petrich’s diorama / sculpture: ‘Night Fishing.’

Artifacts: Fishing Reel and Eel in Relic Case, as well as needlepoint badge, all part of ‘Night Fishing.’

Checking out Audrey’s diorama ‘Quarterline Road.’

There’s NO PAPER. What? Well, I am told that the hanging air freshener inside the car is made of paper. So there.

Paintings by Lillian Bayley Hoover
Photos by Guillaume Pallat

Thanks to everyone for coming out on Saturday and braving the unfriendly parking situation!
Guillaume Pallat, Christina Marsh, and Rene Trevino
Mike Riley, Julie Benoit, Seth Adelsberger
Ridel, Alexa, and Nicole Lenzi… I’ll bet they are talking about drawing.
Audrey Collins Petrich and Linda Franklin
Matthew Kern and some random girl, posing as a curator.
Erin Cluley and Cheri Landry
Lillian Bayley Hoover explains her technique to an adoring, if not overwhelming, crowd.
Hans Petrich and Audrey Collins Petrich. You may not recognize Hans outside of Current Gallery. He is rarely let out!
Ryan Hoover with Paul Jeanes, who looks smashing in red.
Dana Reifler-Amato, Matthew Kern, and Cheri Landry
Leah Rock and Eric Minor
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