We Saw This, So Should You: Andrew Liang’s Double Barrell at Space 1026 in Philadelphia

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Double Barrel by Andrew Liang at Space 1026
June 7th – 27th, 2013

“There are two nostrils on mostly every human being’s face. Under normal circumstances, both nostrils in-take and out-put air. These works are my most recent endeavor to celebrate my ability and opportunity to utilize my nostrils. If one of them has itched, both have been picked. Double Barrel!” – Andrew Liang

Andrew Liang was born in Taichung, Taiwan and moved with his family to Dallas, Texas at age 13. Andrew moved to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art where he currently works as an Exhibitions Preparator and continues his studio practice during moonlight hours. The writings and drawings of Kazuo Umezu, Junji Ito, Haruki Murakami, and Akira Toriyama have influenced him a great deal. Aside from studio pursuits, Andrew co-directs an artist run art space, the Current Gallery, with his dear friends Monique Crabb and Michael Benevento. These collective projects, as well as traveling and listening to music with his friends is the core inspiration of his art. More info:











*WST, SSY: Every week Bmoreart’s contributors travel around town to view the art showing in and around Baltimore City. ‘We Saw This, So Should You’ is a series where we post photos from the best of these exhibitions. Obviously, photos are inadequate in capturing the inherent qualities of these works. Art is always best viewed in person, so we recommend that you do so, whenever possible.

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