We Saw This, So Should You: Eye of the Beholder at the Maryland Federation of Art by Anna Fine Foer

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The Eye of the Beholder at the MFA Circle Gallery in Annapolis is a national juried show intended to showcase works of fine art which incorporate found objects into their presentation. Juror Adah Rose Bitterbaum chose both two and three-dimensional mixed media works.

Carol Brooke

Progress by Neil Golbin

Eve Hoyt

Rosemarie Hughes

La Boheme Raquel Keller

Murad by Jack Knight

Family Secret by Anne Mourier

Oral History by Gale Rothstein

Ebony and Ivory by Segaloff

Homage to an Unknown Family by Nancy Viebrock

Tom Wells

Eye of the Beholder at Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery

18 State Circle, Annapolis, MD

Adah Rose Bitterbaum, Curator

31 May – 22 June, 2013

*WST, SSY: Every week Bmoreart’s contributors travel around town to view the art showing in and around Baltimore City. ‘We Saw This, So Should You’ is a series where we post photos from the best of these exhibitions. Obviously, photos are inadequate in capturing the inherent qualities of these works. Art is always best viewed in person, so we recommend that you do so, whenever possible.

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